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7 Tips to Maintain your Car During the Lockdown

1. Battery

Sub5Cars 1 Battery.jpg
  • Disconnect your car's battery if it is not in use for a long time. This will ensure that the battery does not get discharged while staying idle.

  • You can also start the car once every 3-4 days and let it idle for some time, this too will keep your battery from depleting.

  • Also, run the air conditioner with the blower on while you are doing this so that any dust or foreign particles get thrown out.

2. Tyres

Sub5Cars 2 Tyres .jpg
  • Make sure that your tyres are properly inflated and are at the correct pressure.

  • When kept idle for a long time the tyres could lose air pressure and keeping them inflated helps prevent cracking of the sidewalls and flat spots.

  • If you get a chance to move the car forward and backwards to avoid flat spots.

3. Hand Brake

Sub5Cars 3 Hand Break.jpg
  • Avoid engaging the parking brake/handbrake when you leave the car idle for a long time as it could get jammed.

  • It's always better to leave the car in gear or parking mode if your car has that feature.

  • For additional safety, you could also go old school and use wheel chocks, like using a big piece of wood or brick to keep the car from rolling.

4. Fuel Tank

Sub5Cars 4 Fuel Tank.jpg
  • It is wise to maintain a full tank during such times. If there is less fuel, then overtime the air above the fuel would cause condensation which is not good for your vehicles.

  • In the long run, it could even cause rusting.

5. Interiors

Sub5Cars 5 Interior .jpg
  • Your vehicle is likely to miss proper ventilation in the cabin for most of the three weeks, hence it would be a good idea to remove leftover knick-knacks and food wrappers to prevent any foul odors from developing.

  • Thoroughly dust off and vacuum clean the interiors, paying close attention to the muddy bits like the carpets and floor mats.

  • And if you plan on following up the advice of regularly starting the car, do wash your hands before and after to avoid contaminating the vehicle’s interior with possible COVID-19 contagions that you may have picked up somewhere else. 

6. Engine Bay

Sub5Cars 6 Engine.jpg
  • The enclosed space of your car’s engine bay can be accessed by small animals, who may choose to make it their home.

  • Regularly check the engine for small animals that may have taken residence inside.

  • Check the wiring and tubes for signs of chewing to ensure no animal is inside.

7. Exteriors

Sub5Cars 7 Exterior.jpg
  • Make sure your car is parked in a safe covered area. If you do not have covered parking, then keep the car covered. This will protect it from bird droppings or excessive sunlight that could damage the paint.

  • It's also important to remove leaves and flowers if your car is in open parking as flowers and leaves are a breeding ground for bacteria.

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